Kentucky??Is Eloy Vargas Takes High School Student To Her Prom

Kentucky??Is Eloy Vargas takes high school student to her prom
Jordan Retro 12 and Jordan 12 Playoffs
As Kentucky center Eloy Vargas was signing autographs at an event in Bowling Green, Ky., on Saturday morning, a high school student approached him with an unusual request.

Natascha Richardson, a senior at nearby Gatton Academy, asked Vargas if he’d be her date to her senior prom that night.

“It was my turn to get an autograph and I was just like, ‘What are you undertaking tonight?’ and he was like ‘What are you doing tonight?'” Richardson told WBKO. “I was like, ‘You should go to prom with me’ and it just kind of happened.”

The 6-foot-11 Vargas agreed to be Richardson’s prom date within the condition that he could wear a sweater and jeans since he didn’t have time to pick up the proper clothes for the event. The two had dinner together, snapped photos and even hit the dance floor before Vargas left to return to campus.

Credit Vargas for being so generous with his time and for taking advantage of the chance to make a special memory for one of his fans. And credit Richardson for having the courage to ask Vargas to be her date.

Tweeted Richardson on Saturday night, “Having a wonderful evening with @E_Vargas30 at prom. I would like to thank him soo considerably for making tonight a night I will always remember.”

Responded Vargas, “Had a great time in Bowling Green meeting everyone & enjoyed going 2 prom w/ @NrXch wish I could’ve stayed longer & hope she has a good prom.”

Kansas freshman forward Lindsay to transfer

LAWRENCE, Kan. (AP) Kansas forward Merv Lindsay has decided to transfer in search of more playing time.

The freshman played sparingly in 12 games last season, when the Jayhawks won their eighth consecutive Big 12 championship and lost to Kentucky during the national title game. He scored nine points against Howard and two points against Texas Tech.

Jayhawks coach Bill Self stated that he met with Lindsay final week to discuss his condition, and the 6-foot-7 Lindsay decided that he would transfer at the end of the spring semester.

Lindsay stated in a statement that he has not decided where he will transfer.

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP) Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick has made another effort to say animal cruelty is wrong, urging Alabama lawmakers to increase penalties for cockfighting.

Vick says in a statement Monday that Alabama’s cockfighting law is the nation’s ”weakest” due to the fact the $50 fine is the maximum punishment. Vick has been outspoken against animal cruelty considering that he served 16 months in federal prison on a dog-fighting conviction.

Vick says he doesn’t want others to make the same mistake of being cruel to animals.

Sen. Cam Ward introduced a bill that would upgrade the state’s penalty for illegal cockfighting to a class A misdemeanor with a maximum fine of $6,000. The bill passed the Senate Judiciary Committee early inside the session, but the Senate Rules Committee refused to bring up the bill for a vote.

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Maria Sharapova??Is New, Short Haircut (PHOTOS)

Maria Sharapova??Is new, short haircut (PHOTOS)

On Monday night, Maria Sharapova unveiled a new, short haircut on her Facebook page to rave reviews from her seven million fans.Jordan Retro 12 and Jordan 12 Playoffs

“So what do you guys think??,” she wrote. “I kind of love it!”

Us too. Masha wears this with style and grace. Then again, she’s such a beauty that she’d probably be able to rock a buzz and pull if off.

Sharapova has mostly kept to the same hairstyle since making her WTA debut as a teenager in 2002. She’s favored a long ponytail and visor combination for significantly of her career.

(Getty Images)(Getty Images)

(Getty Images)

What will she do with her new ‘do around the court? We vote for the Gordon Gekko.

Alabama??Is championship trophy falls down, goes boom

There are now a million pieces of Alabama’s national championship trophy to go all around.

During the weekend’s A-Day festivities, a parent of a current player tripped on a rug that was under the display case and the Waterford Crystal football crashed to the ground shattering right into a million little pieces.

The trophy, which was handmade in Ireland and worth $30,000, was located within the Mal Moore Athletic Facility where Nick Saban’s office is located.

(Photo courtesy of Alex Scarborough via Twitter)Associate Athletics Director for Football Communications Jeff Purinton told the school is inside the process of getting the football replaced.

That undisclosed parent shouldn’t feel too bad, this isn’t the initial time the crystal football has been broken. In 2008, then-recruit Orson Charles broke Florida’s national championship trophy while admiring it.

And in 2006, Florida basketball coach Billy Donovan allowed the crystal basketball to slip off his fingertips and onto the stage throughout the team’s Midnight Madness event. Luckily, that was a joke. A cruel, cruel joke.

Who knows if we’ll find out the name of the clumsy parent (I have a feeling we will), but something like this can’t bode well for his son’s playing time.

Ejected NFL fans will have to pass online test to get back in to games

Are you the kind of guy who likes to get hammered and then get thrown out of an NFL game? Well, I hope you’re also the kind of guy who likes to pay $75 to take a ridiculous on-line test, since that will be required of you if you ever want to go to another game. Here’s much more in the New York Post:

“We’re not trying to squash anyone’s passion. We’re just trying to say don’t be violent,” said Dr. Ari Novick (right), the Californian who’s the brains behind the program.

Requirements will vary depending around the stadium, but most of the time the stadium louts will have to pass the test before being allowed back in, he stated.

Fans who get the boot must write DeLorenzi a letter of apology and take the four-hour, $75 online course, available at To pass, they have to get at least 70 percent of the questions correct.

If you get tossed out and you don’t take the test, your name, photo and seat number will be recorded, and supposedly, someone will come to make sure you’re not there. The same applies if you’re just super, super dumb and you can’t pass the test (sorry, Raiders fans).

Obviously, there are ways all around taking the test and getting back into an NFL game, but I don’t think it was ever anyone’s goal to completely eliminate evildoers here. If you’re not a season ticket holder, it’s unlikely you were ever going to be back in that same seat anyway, and I doubt you’ll ever see a scalper pull out a file folder of photographs to make sure you’re not in it.

If you’re a season ticket holder, though, it’ll probably be worth it to you to pay the $75 and get it out of the way. You don’t want to be looking more than your shoulder every time you go back to a game. And, let’s be honest, if you’re an NFL season ticket holder, that $75 isn’t going to make or break you. You pay that eight times a year for parking.

I don’t believe we’ll ever be looking back at this day as the day that NFL fan behavior changed forever, but the idea behind it is nice.. If you’re enough of a dummy to get yourself kicked out of a game, I’m not going to shed any tears over you losing $75 and 4 hours of your life.

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You Like How I Did That?

Penguins Coach Dan Bylsma hit with $10,000 fine; hair-pullin??I Craig Adams suspended for Game 4 vs. Flyers Jordan 12 Playoffs and Jordan 12 Playoffs

The first wave of punishments from Game 3 between the Pittsburgh Penguins and Philadelphia Flyers crashed down on coach Dan Bylsma and forward Craig Adams on Monday, stemming from this late-game incident with Scott Hartnell:

From the NHL:

Pittsburgh Penguins forward Craig Adams has been suspended for one game and Penguins head coach Dan Bylsma has been fined $10,000 for Adams’ actions inside the last five minutes of Sunday’s Eastern Conference Quarterfinal playoff game against the Flyers in Philadelphia, the National Hockey League’s Department of Player Safety announced today.

Adams instigated a fight at 15:18 of the third period. He was assessed a minor penalty for instigating, a major penalty for fighting and a game misconduct.

Both Adams’ suspension and Bylsma’s fine are automatic for violation of NHL Rule 46.12 ?a Instigator in Last Five Minutes of Regulation Time (or Anytime in Overtime), and as outlined by NHL Rule 46.22.

Say, what does Rule 46.22 entail?

46.22 Fines and Suspensions ?a Instigator in Last 5 Minutes of Regulation Time (or Anytime in Overtime) – A player who is deemed to be the instigator of an altercation within the last five (five) minutes of regulation time or at anytime in overtime (see 46.12) shall be suspended for 1 game, pending a review of the incident. When the one-game suspension is imposed, the Coach shall be fined $10,000 ?a a fine that will double for each subsequent incident.

There is a mechanism through which a player like Adams could have his suspension overturned, as long as “the incident is not related to the score, previous incidents in the game or prior games, retaliatory in nature, ‘message sending’, etc.” Being that nothing Adams did, or its context, met those standards, the suspension stands.

The hair-pulling probably didn’t help.

The Shutdown Corner Interview: Wes Welker, Pt. 2

It was our pleasure to talk with New England Patriots receiver Wes Welker recently, especially given the promotion he’s carrying out with two other famous NFL players — Green Bay Packers linebacker Clay Matthews and Dallas Cowboys linebacker DeMarcus Ware (who we’ll be talking with very soon … stay tuned). While most athlete endorsements focus on the appearance of physical dominance, Welker, Matthews and Ware recently took part in something called “The Big Try-On” for … Depend undergarments.

Yes, you read that correct.

In truth, it’s an interesting deal for an important cause. Per the press release, “The Great American Try-On” raises awareness and offers confidence to the many Americans living with bladder control issues. All three players have tried on a pair of the new Depend Real Fit briefs under their uniforms to show that you might be as active as you want to be while wearing them. Their participation inside the Great American Try-On supports The V Foundation for Cancer Research’s mission to find a cure for cancers ?a specifically prostate cancer, a leading cause of bladder control issues in men. They’re also encouraging others to participate by visiting, and we would encourage you to do the same.

In Part 1 of the interview, Wes talked about the promotion, and we then started getting into the intricacies of the Patriots offense. That’s where Part 2 picks up.

Shutdown Corner: It does seem like more of a fast-break offense now — Tom is almost the point guard, and he’s distributing the ball in these more advanced concepts.

Wes Welker: It is. And we’re extremely complex in what we do, and we have a lot of targets, and we try to take advantage of that.

SC: You played for Mike Leach at Texas Tech — I’m up here in Seattle, and he’s now at Washington State, so good for us, since he’s definitely a character. But I also wanted to ask you regarding the spread offense — and that’s a nebulous term, since it can mean a whole lot of things at this point. The 2007 Patriots were the very first NFL team we know of to run in excess of 50 percent of their plays from your shotgun. How have you seen the NFL meet that spread concept halfway, to be a lot more inclusive of players who were in that system in college? That way, they don’t just wash out within the NFL, simply because things are so different. Quarterbacks like Tim Tebow and Cam Newton are able to have more instant success because their offensive coordinators will integrate the things they can do with the more advanced NFL playbook.

WW: Yeah. If you look at a good deal of their plays, it’s not really a concept — it’s almost backyard football a whole lot of the time. Guys who are good athletes at the quarterback position can just run all around and make plays, like Tebow and Cam and some of those different players. In Tom’s case, it’s very considerably a pinpoint — everybody being around the same page, and everybody being able to distribute the ball quickly, and get it into the hands of our playmakers. It’s a little bit different [with the Patriots], but we do try to play at a fast pace — it’s very impactful and extensive, and it’s about everyone being within the same page.

SC: What do you think is the biggest misperception of Mike Leach? What’s the a single thing people don’t know about him that they should know?

WW: Well, shoot — I feel like they already know all the stuff about him. He always comes up with some sort of new concept every year. 1 year, it’s pirates, and another year, it’s buried treasure. He’ll research a single given field for a long time — ships or whatever; he’s all into that type of deal. He’s a little different.

SC: What is the 1 thing above all that makes Tom Brady so good? It’s not just that he’s undertaking it now, but through all these different scheme changes — with you and before you — he just seems to be able to come up as one particular of the best quarterbacks no matter what. How is he able to do that?

WW: I think he just works harder than everybody else. From day a single, considering that I’ve been there, he’s just constantly functioning — trying to get better, trying to do something to improve and play better. He’s always looking for that edge.

SC: I wouldn’t be performing my job if I didn’t ask you a couple of annoying questions — 1st, concerning the dropped pass in Super Bowl XLVI. I wanted to get a sense from you about not how people reacted, but how your teammates reacted. Due to the fact you’ve been the reliable guy for so long — how do they react when that doesn’t happen?

WW: They’ve always been quite supportive, and continue to be. Teammates are like the [Depend undergarments] — they’re supportive, and they stay on you pretty well.

SC: Nice! I like how you pitched that question back to the product. You are learning well.

WW: You like how I did that?

SC: You have a bright future in this business. Back to your current business, though … The franchise tag with the Patriots — how do you feel about playing a season through that. Obviously, you’d probably like to finish your career there — as considerably as you can talk about it, where do things stand with you right now? Do you feel encouraged about your future with the team?

WW: Absolutely. I’m pretty certain I’ll be playing there this next year, and I’m looking forward to that. Like everybody else, I’d like a long-term deal, but at the same time, I’m just focused on going out there and playing the best I can.

SC: Last question — what is the 1 thing the Patriots need to do during the 2012 season to get the Lombardi Trophy for the very first time considering that the 2004 season?

WW: What’s the one particular thing? I just think everybody needs to wear Depend underpants. I think that will bring it home for us. Seriously, us just sticking together and playing together, and everybody going out there and making plays.

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Ronaldo Was Fine Tuesday

Cristiano Ronaldo’s failure to generate the difference costs Genuine Madrid inside a loss to Bayern Munich Jordan 12 Playoffs and Jordan 12 Playoffs

It wasn’t just a pair of his fancy cleats, stolen by an opportunistic thief just just before kickoff in Munich, that Cristiano Ronaldo lost Tuesday.

Cristiano Ronaldo wasn’t capable to lead Real Madrid previous Bayern Munich within their first-leg match. (AFP)Using a subpar performance in the game that started True Madrid’s most crucial week of the season, the Portuguese superstar jeopardized a golden chance to threaten Lionel Messi’s mantle because the finest player in soccer.

Ronaldo wasn’t negative in Madrid’s 2-1 defeat inside the first leg of its Champions League semifinal against Bayern Munich, along with the Spanish side is far from completed in this home-and-home encounter. However, the bar of modern excellence continues to be set, then raised, by Messi. And when Ronaldo had his chance to answer, when it mattered most, he came up quick.

There is nothing at all wrong with being the second ideal player in the world, particularly in an era boasting Barcelona’s brilliant Messi. Even so, Ronaldo’s functionality more than the course of an exceptional campaign and his goal-scoring exploits had led some to suggest he could lay claim to Messi’s title as best during the planet.

To accomplish that, he wants to match Messi’s feat from 2009 and 2011 by lifting both the Champions League trophy and the Spanish La Liga title.

For all the highlight-reel moments and bullying of weaker opposition, this is the week Ronaldo faces his biggest challenge. Bayern came into its semifinal with all the added incentive of this year’s last being staged with the Allianz Arena, its house stadium, and has given itself a healthy chance going in to the return leg in Madrid.

A powerfully struck aim by Franck Ribery and a dramatic last-minute effort from Mario Gomez secured a narrow benefit, with Madrid’s objective coming when Ronaldo setup Mesut Ozil seven minutes into the 2nd half.

Nevertheless this was far from vintage Ronaldo. The swashbuckling, domineering style so often seen over the past several months was missing. Coach Jose Mourinho’s Madrid squad is blessed with far more talent than its Bayern counterparts, along with the Particular One particular viewed this as an opportunity lost.

“The second objective came out of context,” Mourinho mentioned.

[Related: Martin Rogers: FIFA finally prepared to implement Hawk-Eye technology]

Mario Gomez scored a late winner for Bayern. (AP)”We have been a better team within the 1st half but in the second the game was somewhat broken and I did not like it a lot. That is football ? they scored and we’ve got to play within the 2nd leg in your own home in the distinct atmosphere.”

Madrid is actually a hard prospect for anybody on house soil, but winning will likely be challenging against a side that exhibited excellent wish and, in accordance with coach Jupp Heynckes, more intelligence within the initial leg.

“My players showed what I had demanded from them ? lust and hunger for success,” Heynckes said.

“I assume we over deserved the win simply because we played cleverly and intelligently.”

Ronaldo’s failure to discover an further gear does not bode well for the most critical clash from the La Liga season, as it prepares to check out Barcelona on Saturday, a contest that could decide the domestic championship.

Just a few weeks ago Madrid justifiably felt it had the title wrapped up while sitting on a luxurious 10-point lead. For any couple of hrs on March 31 the margin was back to nine, but it is been since whittled away to a mere 4.

[Also: David Beckham shows off some old magic on the pitch]

Ronaldo’s legacy can be far greater if not for his struggles within the most meaningful of matches, and rival Barcelona continues to be among his chief tormentors.

This season’s very first El Clasico was a situation in point as Barca ran riot in the Nou Camp in recording a 5-0 victory.

All speak of Ronaldo mounting a bid for your Ballon d’Or award provided every year on the primary player in soccer would quickly disappear if Madrid was to be overhauled within the La Liga race and fail to locate a way previous each Bayern along with the winner in the other Champions League semifinal among Barca and Chelsea.

It is hard to criticize Ronaldo, who has scored at a price of the goal per game because his planet record $131 million transfer from Manchester United in 2009, but trophies, nerve and brilliance at the most crucial instances provide the standard Messi continues to set.

Ronaldo was fine Tuesday ? but fine doesn’t reduce it when measured against Messi.

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Lifting Weights And Studying His New Playbook.

Future News: Ashley Young admits failure with ??rocket boots??I invention Jordan Retro 12 and Jordan 12 Playoffs

Ashley Young falls victim to his custom boots. (Reuters)

Following a series of incidents that have drawn accusations of blatant diving and scorn from fans around the world, Manchester United winger Ashley Young has admitted failure in his attempt to design rocket-propelled football boots.

“When I joined Manchester United, I knew I had to improve my game,” Young told reporters. “So I made these tiny jet packs that attach to my boots and were supposed to blast me up into the air just before I could get tackled. But instead they just fire me straight into the ground and make me look like an idiot.”

Young was awarded a penalty inside the sixth minute of Man United’s 4-0 win against Aston Villa even though it seemed clear that he threw himself to the ground. Although he now claims that wasn’t the situation at all.

“I’m sorry for the trouble I’ve caused,” Young continued. “But it’s really all simply because of the boots. Immediately after successfully reanimating Paul Scholes using just a ginger wig and a Faces of Death video, I really thought my experiments were incapable of failing. I guess I shouldn’t have fueled the jet packs with that personal lubricant I found in Dimitar Berbatov’s metal briefcase.”

It remains unclear whether Ashley Young will face any kind of punishment after his admission, but Barcelona midfielder Sergio Busquets has announced plans to sue the England international for intellectual property theft.

Manning goes to work with his new team

ENGLEWOOD, Colo. (AP) Peyton Manning is back in his element, barking out calls, throwing passes and working out with his new teammates. It sure beats watching, wondering and worrying.

He’s still finding his comfort zone in Denver right after spending 14 seasons in Indianapolis, but Manning is back serving as both quarterback and coach about the football field instead of pacing the sideline and wondering when his neck is going to allow him to return to the huddle.

Manning and his new teammates reported to the Broncos’ headquarters Monday morning for the start of the team’s offseason conditioning program. Right after some perform inside the classroom and weight room, Manning threw passes to his new receivers during some on-field work without the coaches, who aren’t allowed to join them outdoors until OTAs start up in May.

”Everybody’s been looking forward to this day for some time now,” Manning mentioned. ”I thought it was a productive 1st day, but we’ve got a great deal of work to do.”

He didn’t want to make any rash judgments about his receiving corps and although he stated he was pleased with his first official workout given that signing a five-year, $96 million deal with Denver on March 20, Manning declined to talk about his health or the progress he’s made as he regains his arm strength following a series of neck operations that sidelined him for all of last season and led to his departure from Indy.

”I’m not going to get into these weekly reports. I’ve kind of been there and done that all fall of final year,” stated Manning, who is rehabbing under the direction of head athletic trainer Steve ”Greek” Antonopulos and new strength and conditioning coach Luke Richesson.

”I’m enjoying being under a single roof, being supervised by those two guys,” Manning stated.

Wide receiver Eric Decker, who has caught far more passes from Manning than anyone else above the final month thanks to a series of workouts at local high schools, stated the four-time MVP’s passes were precise and powerful.

”I’m not his doctor, I don’t know how to speak on his health, but catching balls from him, it looks like there’s nothing wrong to me,” Decker said. ”He’s throwing great balls, he’s getting the function in just like we’re getting the work in, knocking the rust off. I see no issues at this point.”

Although he’s been putting in a whole lot of miles finding remote high school fields to practice on, Manning stated he hasn’t really gotten to know his new city nevertheless.

”It’s been all business,” he stated. ”Everybody’s asking where I’m living. I’ve been living more than here within the facility.”

Rehabbing, lifting weights and studying his new playbook.

Manning stated he was glad to throw the ball about at team headquarters rather than sneaking about to the local high school fields to play catch with Decker and good friend Brandon Stokley, who signed a one-year deal to return to the Broncos on Monday.

Manning, 36, has always embraced the offseason regimen, and he said he’s sure he wasn’t the only 1 who was relieved Monday when NFL teams opened their doors for the voluntary offseason conditioning programs that were scuttled final year by the league’s lockout.

”I am (excited), there’s no question. I think a good deal of players around the NFL will tell you the lockout threw a good deal of players off their routine and what they’re utilized to,” Manning mentioned. ”So, I (like) the fact that everybody’s allowed to be inside the facility now functioning out under 1 roof, we can throw about the field now, correct next to the weight room now as opposed to going to a high school. That was what you had to do, but it’s nice to be able to do everything here and have some time with the coaches, as well.”

Due to the fact the coaches can’t join them on the practice fields until next month, the players run the on-field portion of the program themselves, and this arrangement is perfectly suited for Manning, who will direct the installation of the Broncos’ new no-huddle offense.

Manning, though, stated he felt like the new kid in school.

”I think a number of us did. I was with Jacob Tamme and Joel Dreessen, Caleb (Hanie), the same way. We have some new guys. So, I’m learning as we go, as well,” Manning mentioned. ”Certainly when you get out there about the field and you’re throwing passes to receivers, you feel a little much more comfortable there, as far as knowing what you’re doing a little bit.”

Decker mentioned Manning is making everyone about him better since of his famous function ethic, and cornerback Champ Bailey said that goes for Denver’s defense, too.

Bailey sent Manning numerous texts throughout the quarterback’s whirlwind free agency tour pleading with him to come to Denver.

”Why? Because he’s an amazing player and his leadership alone is bar none the best during the league,” Bailey stated. ”You need a guy like that on your group, and where I want to go, what I want to do toward the end of my career is win a championship and I feel like he gives us the best chance.”

Bailey said he puts Manning at the top of the QB list because of the ”way he breaks down a defense and pretty considerably tell you what you’re in and half the guys on defense don’t even know what we’re performing. It’s sad but true. You try to trick him as considerably as possible, but for some reason, somebody always tips him and he knows, he just knows.”

Bailey mentioned the Broncos have to be careful they don’t take Manning’s presence for granted.

”I tell everybody in our defensive room, ‘Just due to the fact we have a guy like that, it’s not going to get easier for us.’ We’ve got to function harder simply because the expectations are here,” Bailey stated, holding his right hand high. ”He’s going to kick our butts in practice, so we’ve got to be ready to go.”

Notes: Manning mentioned he was excited for his little brother, Eli, to host ”Saturday Night Live” next month as he the moment famously did. ”I’ll be tuned it,” Manning mentioned. … WR Demaryius Thomas was in attendance Monday but he hasn’t been operating out with Manning like Decker has. Thomas underwent surgery on his left pinky last month to remove a pin that was inserted immediately after it was shattered during a practice in September. … The Broncos have rescinded their $1.26 million tender for restricted free agent DT Ryan McBean, the Denver Post reported. McBean received a tender at the original (fourth) round level. McBean is facing a six-game drug suspension to start the 2012 season.

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Dwight Howard Out Again With Back Spasms, Goes To LA For Consult

Dwight Howard out again with back spasms, goes to LA for consult Jordan Retro 12 and Jordan 12 Playoffs

ORLANDO, Fla.?aMagic center Dwight Howard will sit out Orlando?I’s residence game Friday night against Atlanta due to the fact of back spasms.

Orlando coach Stan Van Gundy made the announcement on the team?I’s morning shoot about, adding that backup point guard Chris Duhon is also nevertheless questionable after missing the past two games having a suspension and sore foot, respectively.
Dwight Howard went to Los Angeles to have a 2nd opinion about his ailing back. (AP Photograph)

Howard, who has missed 3 of the Magic?I’s past 5 games, is in Los Angeles seeking a second opinion on his injured back.

Van Gundy said Howard was in pain following the team?I’s practice Thursday as well as the coach isn?I’t optimistic he?I’ll be ready to play at Cleveland Sunday or against Philadelphia on Monday.

???He was not comfortable right after practice yesterday at all, Van Gundy stated Friday. ???I believe (he) was hopeful that it would feel much better. It didn?I’t. It felt worse to him, and so I assume he needs to go consult somebody else.

Howard addressed his back Thursday afternoon.

???There?I’s nothing I can really do but continue to stay on it, stretch, get massages, do whatever I can, Howard said, in accordance with the Orlando Sentinel. ???I?I’m just trying to not let it happen once more, but I don?I’t wish to go out there ?I’til I?I’m 100 percent. My group requirements me playing 100 percent and not out there playing 60 or 70 percent.

The Magic entered Friday tied for fifth place in the Eastern Conference with Atlanta, even though the Hawks hold the head-to-head tiebreaker.

Tim Tebow Won’t Be Missed By Broncos WR Demaryius Thomas

If you believed the feelings regarding Tim Tebow’s status since the savior from the Denver Broncos in the media’s eye have been exactly how it was within the team’s locker room, it’d be difficult for anyone to truly argue otherwise. However, broad receiver Demaryius Thomas — the other half in the 80-yard overtime touchdown pass against the Steelers within the playoffs — indicated that the internal feelings around the team’s former quarterback could not have been what they had been believed to become.

Appearing on 790 The Zone in Atlanta with the 2 Live Stews, Thomas opened up about his old quarterback along with the organization’s determination to trade him.

“It’s a company selection. I ain’t going to say I was unhappy (about Tim leaving) because the only thing they don’t forget is that pass.

You gotta go back and appear at the rest with the video games. I wasn’t finding no balls. You needed to make several of these plays where some players were open and he is not making the throws, but I don’t wish to talk negative about Tim, but hey I am content we got Peyton.”

Regarding the attitude within the locker room, Thomas noted there had been some mixed reviews.

“There wasn’t much talk about him, but you know everything on ESPN was all about Tim. That bothered some gamers as well because they would say “Tim Tebow Time.’ I felt like it was a team factor. If it wasn’t for the defense nearly all of the time there wouldn’t be no supposed ‘Tim Tebow Time.'”

Finally, Thomas shared his thoughts from the Tim Tebow trade as it relates for the New York Jets.

“I ain’t likely to say it was a excellent move, but I really don’t know. I feel like Tim can get much better, but it is likely to take some time since he’s got to read the defenses and throwing patterns.”

While Thomas wasn’t completely slamming the unconventional passer, he certainly wasn’t raining compliments on him either. If Thomas’ comments are any type of extension in the internal feelings in the Denver Bronco gamers, the team might not be as distraught about the former Heisman Trophy winner’s departure as some believe.

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Calvin Murphy: LeBron James’ Mother ‘Absolutely’ Had Sex With Delonte West

LeBron James Criticized For Not Being Clutch After Heat Loss To Bulls (TWEETS) Jordan 12 Playoffs and Kobe Bryant Shoes

There he is, with the ball in his hands. The Miami Heat lead the Chicago Bulls, 83-81, with just eleven.4 seconds remaining about the clock. LeBron James stands at the free throw line after drawing a whistle against Luol Deng. The two-time NBA MVP has two shots coming his way. When the 75% career free of charge throw shooter hits each freebies then the Bulls would need to have an LJ-esque four-point play just to force overtime. If he drains the two then the Heat very likely celebrate shortly thereafter, pulling even closer to the Bulls for the No. 1 spot in the Eastern Conference standings.

James shoots the first cost-free throw. The effort is off target as well as the ball bounces back toward him off the back iron. The 2nd try is true. But the three-point deficit is small enough for Bulls reserve guard C.J. Watson to close with a single shot. Tie game. Cost-free basketball. Overtime.

Soon enough #PlayersMoreClutchThanLeBron is climbing up the list of trending terms on Twitter. Perhaps speaking towards the ages in the early adopters of this hashtag, the initial responses include a surprising amount of references for the 1996 movie Room Jam.

Immediately after notching 30 factors in regulation, James would be held scoreless inside the extra session although the two other members of Miami’s Massive three would only muster one point each. The Bulls overran the Heat in OT with a 12-2 flurry to take the win.

“It’s one particular of the initial feelings that I’ve had during the standard season this year,” James told reporters at his locker right after the game.

Despite the fact that LBJ is assembling 1 in the most impressive statistical seasons in basketball history, he can’t seem to shake his reputation for wilting inside the key moments. Even right after dominating his superstar peers late in the 2012 NBA All-Star Game, James managed to make himself the goat by frittering away the game’s most important possession with an errant pass. Final evening agains the Bulls, it had been James’ teammate Dwyane Wade who had been dominating down stretch, scoring 10 straight Miami factors for the duration of the fourth quarter. Of James’ 30 points scored, just four occurred within the last four minutes from the final seven:30 of regulation. He was scoreless in overtime.

In accordance with the stats assembled by, you can find 16 players within the NBA (by means of 4/1/2012) that are a lot more prolific clutch scorers than James. Interestingly, James’ free-throw percentage drops to 68% in late-and-close situations this season. Whilst there may not be any player as gifted and skilled as LeBron, there certainly seems to become a number of ballers considered far more clutch. Of program, the Twitterverse also seems to feel that several cartoon characters are also a lot more clutch…

Jalen Rose Calls Out Skip Bayless On Large College Basketball Lie (VIDEO)

The polarizing career of ESPN loud-talker Skip Bayless might have reached a fresh reduced on Tuesday morning for the duration of an episode of “First Take.” For the duration of a debate about the NBA MVP race, Bayless got referred to as out by Jalen Rose for lying about his substantial college basketball exploits. Not surprisingly, the events primary up to confrontation started with Bayless ranting about a professional athlete.

On March 31, Bayless tweeted the Oklahoma City Thunder would be doomed if Russell Westbrook continues to play point guard instead of taking much more of the scoring role. Seemingly to back up his assertions about the greatest use of Westbrook, Bayless extra two much more tweets citing his personal large school basketball profession at Northwest Classen Large. Not just did Bayless claim that he began for your group that lost inside the state finals in Oklahoma in 1970, he even compared himself to NBA legend “Pistol Pete” Maravich.

Calvin Murphy: LeBron James’ Mom ‘Absolutely’ Had Sex With Delonte West

Late final week rumors started to spread that LeBron James’ mom (Photographs), Gloria James, had sex with her son’s teammate Delonte West. The bizarre story claimed to explain the Cleveland Cavaliers’ poor play and unexpected collapse within the Eastern Conference Semifinals. Even though an attorney for King James has formally denied the “idiotic and ‘off the wall'” speculation (which appears to possess absolutely no legitimate foundation), 1 former player is speaking out towards the contrary.

Basketball Hall of Famer Calvin Murphy took to the airwaves Wednesday night and became the most high-profile person to date to back the rumors. “It ain’t no rumor,” he told a Houston ESPN Radio station, calling the claims “absolutely true” and “absolutely horrifying.” He went on:

“Unfortunately, my sources in the NBA tell me that it is absolutely true. My sources, and they’re legit, tell me the only people that did not know it was happening was LeBron and me.”

Murphy, who was once accused of sexually abusing 5 of his 14 daughters (who were fathered with nine different women, only one of whom he married), says James “may take time off.” He also claims “there was yet another party… that West wasn’t the only” guy concerned during the alleged affair.

An MP3 in the interview can be found here, via Deadspin.

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Flyers Crush Penguins In Fight-Filled Game 3 (VIDEO)

Knicks Crush Wizards 103-65, Tie For 7th In Eastern Conference Jordan 12 Playoffs and Kobe Bryant Shoes

NEW YORK — Baron Davis scored a season-high 18 factors on his 33rd birthday, JR Smith had 23, along with the New York Knicks surged into a tie for seventh place in the Eastern Conference by routing the Washington Wizards 103-65 on Friday night.

Carmelo Anthony and Steve Novak also had 18 for your Knicks, who could now be looking at a playoff preview when they host second-place Miami on Sunday. The Knicks tied Philadelphia immediately after the 76ers lost earlier Friday to New Jersey, and New York holds the tiebreaker for the No. seven seed.

Anthony was properly off his NBA-leading average of 32.4 factors through his first 5 video games in April. But he only played 29 minutes as the Knicks narrowly missed their second 40-point victory under interim coach Mike Woodson.

Davis shot seven of 9 in just 23 minutes for your Knicks, who won for your fifth time in six games and improved to 14-4 beneath Woodson, who started out by using a 42-point victory more than Portland on March 14.

Jordan Crawford scored 17 points for the Wizards, who were trying to win three straight for the 1st time within their miserable season. But they never led in their ninth consecutive loss on the Knicks.

Washington had only 47 factors right after 3 quarters and was stuck there for a although within the fourth as fans chanted “forty-seven!” John Wall shot two of 12 and finished with eight points.

New York solidified its hold on eighth place by using a victory in Milwaukee on Wednesday, but quickly showed it isn’t looking to settle for the lowest seed.

The Knicks led 26-13 right after one quarter. They closed the first half with an 18-5 burst to take a 54-33 lead after Washington had closed within eight, and gave every person plenty of rest prior to the early commence Sunday.

The only bad news during the Knicks’ ninth straight home victory was Iman Shumpert leaving using a sprained appropriate ankle immediately after 23 minutes.

NOTES: The Knicks have won the last eight meetings at Madison Square Garden. Their winning streak against the Wizards is their longest current streak against an opponent. … Woodson said Amare Stoudemire, out using a bulging disk in his back, took contact whilst playing in a pickup game for the duration of Thursday’s off day. He isn’t expected to return until mid to late subsequent week. … Knicks PG Jeremy Lin had the stitches from his left knee surgery removed.

Flyers Crush Penguins In Fight-Filled Game three (VIDEO)

PHILADELPHIA ?a Fists have been flying faster than shots on goal. Sidney Crosby and Claude Giroux even became knotted inside the pushing, pulling and shoving, a pair of superstars willing to mix it up to prove which team was the baddest about the ice and also the scoreboard.

The Penguins and Flyers talked trash, laid the smack down, and played 1 wildly entertaining game. The result was still the same. The Flyers rallied from yet another early deficit for a decisive Game three victory that placed them within the brink of an improbable sweep.

Danny Briere, Matt Read and Max Talbot each scored two goals to lead Philadelphia to an 8-4 victory more than Pittsburgh on Sunday inside a fight-filled game within the Eastern Conference quarterfinal.

Giroux and Wayne Simmonds also scored to assist the Flyers take a 3-0 lead during the combustible best-of-seven series. Game 4 is Wednesday evening in Philadelphia. The Flyers scored twenty goals in the very first three games.

“Our goal is to finish it appropriate away,” Briere stated.

The goals might be hard to discover on a highlight reel. This a single was all in regards to the brawls far more suitable for a UFC card. 3 gamers have been tossed within the very first period. There was a unusual fight in between superstars when Crosby squared off against Giroux.

No one got the better end of that scrap. But by the end, Flyers supporters serenaded the Penguins with booming chants of “You can’t beat us!”

“All 3 video games had been kind of weird games,” Giroux mentioned. “I guess I like weird games due to the fact we always finish by winning.”

Jordan Staal and James Neal scored twice for any Penguins team pushed to the limit by its hated, intrastate rival. Marc-Andre Fleury was benched right after enabling 6 goals in two periods. He has allowed a whopping 17 goals within the very first 3 games.

Coach Dan Bylsma said Fleury would start off, “the up coming four games.”

Hard to imagine at this rate, especially with NHL scoring leader Evgeni Malkin (109 points) yet to score a goal for the Penguins.

The Flyers played a postseason video that billed their run since the “Fight on the Cup.” They never expected a initial period that would have left those old Broad Street Bullies smiling.

Each team had their top defenseman ¡§C Pittsburgh’s Kris Letang and Philadelphia’s Kimmo Timonen ¡§C tossed. So was Penguins forward Arron Asham.

However the scene ripped straight out of the pages of Ripley’s came when Giroux and Crosby went at it against the backboard.

“In the end, that is truly playoff hockey,” Flyers coach Peter Laviolette said. “A couple with the very best gamers within the globe dropping the gloves going at it. Would I rather have G keep his gloves on? Sure. But when he’s fighting Sidney Crosby, that is playoff hockey. That is this series.”

Crosby ignited the scrum when he twice jabbed goalie Ilya Bryzgalov’s glove against the ice. Giroux, third in the NHL in points this season, shoved Crosby from behind. Crosby, clearly not caring about his history of concussions, retaliated by shoving Giroux’s head against the glass.

Whilst the twenty,092 followers dressed within their matching Hulk Hogan-inspired orange T-shirts roared, Timonen and Letang exchanged shots, and Voracek and Pittsburgh’s Steve Sullivan each were penalized for roughing.

Timonen and Letang had been each hit with 5 minutes for fighting and had been ejected since they were assessed a significant penalty following the original fight had commenced.

Crosby insisted the Penguins weren’t acquiring rattled.

“There’s more than one team finding in individuals factors,” he mentioned. “You can make a story all you want about us obtaining frustrated. They’re carrying out exactly the same issues we’re. It really is intense.”

The on-ice violence was just warming up.

Flyers forward Brayden Schenn rammed Paul Martin to the boards, turned close to and was crosschecked within the upper physique by Asham. Asham jumped a defenseless Schenn and connected with a vicious proper to earn the match penalty ¡§C a penalty imposed on a player who deliberately attempts to injure or who deliberately injures an opponent in any manner. Asham could get suspended for your punch.

As the game wound down, Crosby yanked the back of Scott Hartnell’s jersey along with the fireworks went off again. Simmonds, Neal and Pittsburgh’s Craig Adams also have been socked with penalties.

The slugfest about the ice overshadowed the 1 about the scoreboard.

Staal scored only three:52 to the game to give the Penguins the very first goal for the third straight game. It marked the 13th time out of the last 15 games the Flyers have trailed 1-0. At that point, the Flyers had been outscored 7-1 in the 1st period in this series.

The Flyers rallied from a 3-0 hole in Game 1, and deficits of 2-0 and 3-1 in Game 2.

They did it once more. Talbot tapped a rebound toward Fleury the Penguins goalie attempted to stab at with his glove. The puck trickled by for the tying goal.

Briere scored consecutive goals off a 5-on-3 power play and a one-timer to leave Fleury reeling.

“I thought the primary two games in Pittsburgh were crazy,” he stated. “This one particular was even wilder.”

Neal scored the very first of his two goals to make it 3-2. Read ended the period when he snagged the puck behind the net, skated about and buried it to get a 4-2 lead.

Crosby and Bryzgalov jawed at each other since the teams skated toward the locker area.

Philadelphia’s lead stood even because the 108-point Penguins attacked with their offense instead of their fists in the second period.

Neal and Read swapped goals to open the second. Staal knocked in the rebound to assist the Penguins close to 5-4.

Simmonds, though, took a perfect entry pass from Braydon Coburn and backhanded during the fast-break try for the insurance goal. That was their third power-play goal along with the Flyers also had a short-handed score.

The Penguins had been assessed 46 penalty minutes, and also the Flyers 34, through the first two periods.

“I don’t like them, due to the fact I do not like any guy on their group,” Crosby said.

Fleury, acquiring a series to forget, was replaced by Brent Johnson to open the third. New goalie, same result. Giroux scored 27 seconds into the third on Philadelphia’s first shot with the period.

The scoring continued and so did the hard hits. Neal flattened Game 2 star Sean Couturier in the waning minutes and sent the Flyers rookie center on the locker space. Players from each teams ¡§C including Schenn and Crosby ¡§C had to be separated during a melee along the boards. Neal appeared to target Giroux’s head within the third, though the Flyers star ducked and landed softly about the ice.

“We saw Neal going right after Sean’s head and Claude’s head,” Briere mentioned. “Obviously, he had a strategy in mind.”

It is a program Bylsma wants to avoid.

“The way the game was named, there was a great deal of extracurricular activity in the course of and after the plays,” he mentioned. “That’s an area from the game we want to keep away from. We do not would like to be involved in those situations against this group.”

Notes: The Flyers hold a 3-0 lead inside a playoff series for your 11th time. … Johnson produced his third profession postseason relief appearance for the Penguins. … The Penguins have lost six straight playoff games.

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Flyers Beat Penguins In Overtime: Voracek Scores Game-Winning Goal (VIDEO)

PITTSBURGH — Jakub Voracek beat Marc-Andre Fleury from in close 2:23 into overtime to give the Philadelphia Flyers a 4-3 comeback victory over the Pittsburgh Penguins on Wednesday night in Game 1 of the Eastern Conference quarterfinal series.Jordan Retro 12 and Jordan 12 Playoffs

Fleury stopped Matt Read’s shot from the corner, but Voracek pounced on the rebound to cap a furious rally from a 3-0 deficit. Daniel Briere scored twice, and Brayden Schenn added a goal in his playoff debut. Ilya Brzygalov settled down after a shaky start to finish with 25 saves.

Sidney Crosby, Tyler Kennedy and Pascal Dupuis scored for the Penguins, and Marc-Andre Fleury stopped 22 shots, but Pittsburgh struggled after dominating the first period.

Game 2 is Friday night in Pittsburgh.

The rivals delivered on their promise to play “whistle-to-whistle” and leave out the rough stuff that highlighted their six regular-season meetings. The game featured only a handful of penalties and little of the typical animosity.

Crosby missed the playoffs last season while dealing with concussion-like symptoms and the memory of watching from the rafters as the Penguins lost to Tampa Bay in seven games remains fresh.

The former MVP wasted little time making up for lost time. He gave Pittsburgh the lead on his second shift, shaking off a hit Philadelphia defenseman Braydon Coburn in the corner then bouncing to his feet and flipping a rebound over Bryzgalov’s glove 3:43 into the first period.

Kennedy made it 2-0 just over 4 minutes later, his wrist shot from the left circle beating Bryzgalov over his stick.

Philadelphia coach Peter Laviolette called timeout, a maneuver he used successfully 10 days ago after the Flyers fell behind by two goals in the first 5 minutes. It worked April 1, as Philadelphia rallied for a 6-4 victory.

It worked. Just not immediately.

Dupuis gave Pittsburgh a 3-0 advantage with just 37 seconds left before the first intermission, scraping a puck off Bryzgalov’s pads and into the net. The goaltender appeared to have no clue where the puck was on the play.

The Flyers limped to the dressing room but – as they have all season – they rallied.

Philadelphia won 20 games during the season when the opponent scored first, the most in the NHL. The Flyers showcased that resiliency during the final two periods of regulation, clamping down on Crosby and NHL-leading scorer Evgeni Malkin.

Briere gave the Flyers life with a breakaway goal 6:22 into the second period, even though replays showed he was well offside on the play. He brought Philadelphia within a goal with 10:37 left in regulation with a wrist shot from a tough angle that clanged off the far post and in.

Schenn tied it just over 3 minutes later by redirecting a shot by Scott Hartnell and setting up the kind of taut finish expected in perhaps the most competitive first-round series of the playoffs.

NOTES: The Flyers are 3-1 in overtime in Pittsburgh … The Penguins scratched D Matt Niskanen, who missed the final two games of the regular season with an upper-body injury … The Penguins are 6-2 in series in which they have home-ice advantage during Crosby’s career … Philadelphia D Marc-Andre Bourdon left the game with an upper-body injury and is day-to-day.

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Bobcats-Cavaliers Preview

The Cleveland Cavaliers anticipate to become with out Kyrie Irving for a minimum of the subsequent two games, but his absence continues to be Lester Hudson’s gain.Jordan Retro 12 and Kobe Bryant Shoes

The Cavaliers will try to finish a six-game skid in the home Tuesday evening when they take within the league-worst Charlotte Bobcats, losers of 12 in the row.

Cleveland (18-36) has lost 10 of eleven as injuries have taken their toll. Irving (shoulder) has missed 4 with the Cavaliers’ last 5 video games even though Daniel Gibson (torn foot tendon) is out given that March 19 and Anthony Parker (bruised sternum) has missed the last two games.

Hudson has presented Cleveland with a lift the past two contests. Averaging 12.7 factors in six video games given that currently being signed to a 10-day contract final month, Hudson had 23 within a win above Toronto on Friday plus a career-high 26 within a 122-117 overtime reduction to New Jersey on Sunday.

“He’s been fantastic,” coach Byron Scott stated. “I’m just pleased for him because he’s playing so hard he’s an excellent kid, and he gave us a chance once more tonight.”

With Irving expected to sit out at least one more two games, Cleveland signed Hudson to a second 10-day contract Monday.

“It’s an opportunity for me,” Hudson mentioned. “That’s all I can say. I wish to make the very best from it and hold going and perform hard and try to help my team win.”

Despite the Cavaliers’ struggles, they won each of their games against the lowly Bobcats in January. Antawn Jamison, who scored a season-high 34 points against the Nets, had 20 within a 102-94 victory against them on Jan. 16.

Whilst Cleveland earned the No. 1 choose final season, Charlotte (7-48) seems to possess the biggest chance this year.

The Bobcats lost their 12th straight, falling 113-85 to Washington on Monday.

In the matchup in between the NBA’s worst teams, Charlotte shot 39.0 %, allowed the Wizards to hit 11 3-pointers and trailed by as many as 32 points en route to their third reduction in 4 video games by no less than twenty points.

Corey Maggette scored 23 points and Kemba Walker added 16 for the Bobcats, who have been with out D.J. Augustin (knee), Eduardo Najera (fractured frontal bone) and Reggie Williams (knee).

”We knew it was going to become an effort game,” Stephen Silas, who substituted yet again for father Paul as head coach, mentioned. ”Throughout the game I told the guys that if we had been going to win this game we had been going to must do all with the things we practiced and all with the things we function on each and every day. We didn’t do individuals things and like a outcome we lost. It’s some thing we should learn from.”

Charlotte has to win 3 of its final 11 video games to reach the 10-win plateau.

The young Bobcats have already been plagued by defensive breakdowns recently, giving up at the very least 110 factors in 4 of their last 6 video games.

Neither the Nets nor the Rockets will have their starting up point guards Saturday evening in Newark.

Kyle Lowry checked himself into a New York hospital Thursday for fever and abdominal distress and he tweeted, “out of commission for any whilst.” Initial tests proved inconclusive.

Jonathan Feigen, the Rockets beat writer for the Houston Chronicle tweeted Saturday afternoon that whilst the fever had subsided, Lowry is nevertheless hospitalized and out for the Nets as well as the rest with the Rockets street trip. Lowry continues to be averaging 15.9 points and seven.2 assists, shooting virtually 40 per cent from deep.

Meanwhile, yet another point guard, the Wolves’ Ricky Rubio is out for the season using a torn ACL, an injury which will increase the likelihood with the Rockets generating the playoffs and also the Nets obtaining Houston’s select inside the 2012 Draft.

The Rockets are fighting hard for a playoff spot, two 1/2 video games behind the Grizzlies for the eighth spot in the west. At 38-35, they require every single win. Their cause will likely be helped by the Nets’ infirmary report: Deron Williams, Damion James, Sundiata Gaines and Quinton Ross are certainly out. Brandan Wright (sore knee) didn’t practice Monday and is day-to-day. If they lose, it will be the 50th time this season.

Houston, which has won 12 of 16 while averaging points, is led by Kevin Martin. They lost on the Heat on Sunday. “Now the challenge is responding in New Jersey,” coach Rick Adelman told the Rockets’ official web site. “We gave what we could and came up short and now you’ve got to regroup and try to come back and get that game Tuesday and go from there.”

Kyle Lowry is probable out. Terrence Williams, who hasn’t played a lot since getting traded in December, underwent minor abdominal surgical procedure on March 15, but has been experiencing “post-operative issues” given that, the Rockets official site reports.

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