The New Facebook Dislike Button Is Finally Here – I Think….

Early last year Mark Zuckerberg announced that a “dislike” button would appear on Facebook. The intent of the button would be to express support when someone shares something sad… but just imagine scrolling along lazily to be confronted with a sweet photo of your ex with his or her new significant other – an impulsive DISLIKE!

Enter Reactions. Facebook’s new feature will give users the option to express seven different sentiments: angry, sad, wow, yay, haha, love, and like. Facebook chief product officer, Chris Cox, clarified in a post: “It’s not a ‘dislike’ button, though we hope it addresses the spirit of this request most broadly, we studied which comments and reactions are most commonly and universally expressed across Facebook, then worked to design an experience around them that was elegant and fun.”

Users can access the Reactions by long pressing the “like” button of a post (mobile device) or hovering via computer. Besides expanding the range of emotions users can express, the feature will provide more insight into what interest its users. Further, this is a major opportunity for businesses to better understand how people are responding to their published content.

While internet trolls are sure to be sorely disappointed at the absence of a strong DISLIKE, the new feature is certain to bring new life and raise the level of engagement of the News Feed. Facebook will initially beta Reactions in Ireland and Spain before rolling out to users worldwide.

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Plain Advice On Rapid Solutions In Timeline For Business Pages

Facebook has recently announced some new changes to the Facebook Timeline Page Design. The ability to send private messages to fans as a Facebook business page admin has just taken force. Along with private messaging, Facebook just announced the release of the Timeline design for fan pages. All fan pages will be required to switch over to the new format by March 30th, 2012. Don’t be intimidated by the switch to timeline! The best thing to do now is prepare yourself for the update and take advantage of Facebook Timeline for your real estate business.
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Emphasize Posts: Keep the important news most visible by pinning a post to the top of your timeline. The post will stay at the top of your page for up to 7 days. Page admins can also “highlight” any story, which will expand the post to the full width of your Facebook Timeline, giving your story more exposure. Tip: “highlight” or “pin to top” ongoing social media contests, real estate marketing flyers, or informational posts leading up to special events.

As the Facebook Timeline Page Design becomes the status quo, this means the end of welcome pages. The welcome or landing pages that have widely been used to introduce visitors to the products or services a company provides will no longer be the first thing visitors see, this will be relegated to the apps section. The Timeline will be the first thing visitors see, so it will pay to make it count.
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Businesses will be able to share quality content and build an emotional connection with their fans through behind-the-scenes photos, videos, real-time mobile pictures, and exclusive news. In addition to expressing the brand in the present, a brand can also utilize the Timeline to speak to its past to reignite the nostalgia and sentiment that may be associated with it.

This presents a tremendous opportunity for businesses. Historically, businesses could create a Fan Page in order to generate ‘Likes’. Then once Liked, Fan Page owners could send messages or put out posts, videos, or photos related to their product or service in order to communicate with their customers. However, the numbers of photos on Fan Pages were limited, allowing only the profile picture and five thumbnails to be customized, and hiding photo albums and tagged photos beneath the Wall. Therefore, the visual benefits of Facebook were never fully optimized.
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Also, marketers misused the Timeline For Business Pages, thus ruining the platform for users. For example, marketers used these Fan Pages as opportunities to spam or broadcast their messages. With some of the recent f8 changes, Fan Pages will no longer be able to message people any longer. Users now have more control over what shows up on their feeds. Businesses who fail to produce useful content will be left out in the cold. But how does this apply to Timeline?

Timeline is a visual platform and, as humans, we increasingly consume more information through photos, from browsing friends’ Facebook albums to mobile Twitpics, than we would consume or remember reading blogs or text newsfeeds. Accordingly, Facebook Timeline is composed mainly from photos and videos. Therefore, the strategy of posting quotes, texts, or blog links that could be spammy will be replaced by more visual media.

The days of marketers spamming users on Facebook are over and the opportunity that Timeline presents to businesses willing to be creative and interactive with their users is exponentially exciting.

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Strategies In Facebook Timeline Page Design

When Facebook unrolled the new Timeline for our personal profiles, it was only a matter of time before those same changes were made to our business pages as well. During last week’s Facebook fmc2012 conference, it was announced that the switch to the new Timeline format for business pages is just around the corner.

Appearance. The first thing you noticed about your new Facebook profile when it switched over to Timeline is the way it looked. First, there’s the Cover Image. Instead of a little strip of select pictures on the top, you have a large image- 850 x 315 pixels- that covers the top of your page. There are restrictions on what you have in your cover image. For instance, you cannot have a call-to-action or any contact information on it. That means finding other unique ways to grab the attention of viewers.
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Company Milestones. By listing your company’s milestones, you are giving more information to your fans. You can list all of the major events for your business with photos and stories about each event. This is another great way to engage with users.

No More Default Landing Tab. When your business page turns over to the new Timeline, there will no longer be a default landing tab. You will be able to create a custom welcome tab with an application to include on your page though. Your tabs and apps are displayed at the top of your page and you can give them each a unique image that will grab the attention of visitors and point them in the direction you want them to go.
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For Personal Use. Life is hard enough, even for those somewhat blessed, to be reminded of the girlfriends or boyfriends who jilted you. It could down right discouraging remembering the opportunity you had to purchase Apple or Google stock at fifteen dollars a share. I wonder how individuals will really use the Facebook Timeline Page Design. Will they continue after some random moments they enter daily come back to haunt them in the future?

Posting Changes. In order to make sure your important posts, videos and pictures draw more attention, the new Timeline will allow you to pin and highlight your posts. Pinning a post will keep it at the top of the page and highlighting will spread the post across the width of your page. Pinned posts will remain up top for up to one week.
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New Apps. Right now, you can have 12 apps showcased on your page but that will change. Only the top four apps will be displayed on your page when the switch is made. Except for the “Photos” app, you will be able to rename the app and change the image to draw attention.

Advertising. Additional changes are being made to Facebook advertising as well. There will be Premium ads as well as Reach Generator ads. Reach Generator ads can help your page reach up to 50% of your fans through their News Feeds every week. These ads will help you to be more connected to your current audience. The ad will also be “stuck” to the right side of your page as well as the news and mobile streams. Premium ads will allow you to make new connections.

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