The Advantages Of Giving Away Promotional Branded Golf Balls

If you are looking for an excellent promotional item then if it matches to your target audience, good old promotional golf balls are a very good tip to be looking at and selecting from. They have a broad price range to suit all budgets, are attractive and appeal to many recipients.

Depending on your marketing budget, you can choose from basic, cheap branded balls to give away in mass distribution. They are an absolute prime giveaway with their cheap price tag. Better still, you don’t even need to give full packets of 12 golf balls away each time, which makes them very affordable. Instead, most of the packets will actually contain sleeves of 3 golf balls, which can be broken down. Just hand these sleeves out to your recipients as a lower alternative to a full box. It’s as simple as that.

If you have a bigger budget to play with, then you can either move up the brand ranges to a more expensive brand nameor give out full boxes of 12 golf balls. Which you choose to do will depend on your budget and which you think will impress your recipients the most. What could be better for buttering up your potential customers than handing them a full box of 12, or even 15, top quality golf balls? Well, handing them those very same promotional golf balls that are printed with your logo for them to remember you by!

When they next go out to play they are likely to take your gift with them. Especially if they have received from you a top brand promotional ball, they are likely to take them with them to what they consider to be an important game. When they are preparing to play they will be showing their playing partners what brand of balls they are using and how they are marked, and the easy way to recognize their own balls will be because they have your logo printed onto them in full colour. So they will show the logo to their partners, friends or opponents to identify their own balls ? viral marketing as they speak your word.

Their friends, opponents or playing partners will then want to remember these markings, which is your logo, so that later when they are helping to search for the ball they know exactly what they are looking for and if they have found the correct golf ball. This makes printed Callaway golf balls even better – people are memorizing your brand name so that they can recognize the ball later on. And they will remember your brand name, and maybe they will contact you in the future.

What’s more, some of these promotional balls will become lost, even for the best of players out there. Water hazards will take their toll, thick undergrowth and lack of concentration all account for a good number of lost golf balls. Other people may then find the balls later on and play with them. Or maybe they will be added to a pack of lake balls and sold on to players starting out on a round. This forms even more viral marketing of your advertising campaign from your promotional golf balls!

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My point… he lost his job. So now we were stuck.

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I haven’t taken a turn around the dance floor in a prom gown for many years, but the patterns on the new gowns that our local store is carrying, took me right back to the 70’s. No paisleys, but lots of swirls in fuschia, turquoise, apple green, purple and orange. All on one gown! Around the necklines are lots of bugle beads, mostly in fuschia but with a scattering of all the other colors. Other gowns are slightly more subdued, with only two of the colors, like blue and green on a white background, still in swirls, big swathes of color.

Another rack of gowns was all solid colors. These are no demure gowns, either. They will require bold wearers, since they have multiple horizontal folds from the waist on down, a variation on rucheing. Are they intended for rail- thin girls, to provide some padding, or do they flow over larger hips? My city is known for extravagant prom activities ( One of the events is taped and played over and over on the local cable station. I’m curious about how the girls will wear these gowns. How will they look on flesh and bone, rather than on hangers?

Of course, as a beader, I’m interested in how these gowns can be accessorized. It’s the gowns with swirled swathes that I’m most excited about. I pulled out my Lucite coins and had just ordered Lucite rounds, but would have ordered many more sizes and colors if I had seen the gowns before I placed the order. I combined and recombined these with Miyuki seed beads. Usually, I’m trying for a more harmonious pairing, so I unexpectedly found these bracelets to be a challenge. The Lucite size and colors were reminiscent of the era of the gowns’ patterns, but they needed more shine, like the bugle beads around the necklines. The Miyuki beads, in 6s, supplied that. I supplemented my existing Miyuki stash with about 20 more tubes in bold 70s colors. Just for the turquoise blue, I bought 6 tubes, each slightly different from the other. Just in case! Then another 6 tubes in tones of pink, with the same number in various shiny greens. I threw in several reds and a clear orange for good measure.

Will I recoup what I just spent on beads, considering the unusual color combinations? Perhaps the summer clothes will incorporate similar colors and patterns. I’ll have to take a stroll through the mall and check out the juniors sections. Even if I don’t recoup what I spent, it has still been fun, reminiscing, and then being inspired by these retro gowns. Déjà vu!

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Playing Favorites

“Fickle” would be way down on the list of adjectives that others would use to describe me, but I know that I am. Secretly, inconspicuously, but fickle nonetheless.“Why so harsh on yourself?” you ask.

I boldly and unambiguously proclaim that my favorite beads are the semi-precious stones. I marvel at the variations in their colors, even as I know that sometimes this is because they are dyed.

I love the striations in Botswana agates. When I’ve already been up way too late checking out on-line bead sources, I groan with dismay and with pleasure, when I come to the agate page. How can there possibly be such variety! Lace agate, moss agate, Indian agate, Botswana agate…

I love the fossils in the fossil coral. This strand I have in my hands is more intriguing than many geography lessons. What tiny creatures are preserved in these stones?

I love shells, too. What fascinating housing they once provided. I certainly hope they aren’t being scooped up to the point of extinction just so I can have a great strand of four- sided brown kaccols.

How surprised I was to find marble stones! My husband’s hometown in Georgia calls itself the Granite Capital of the World. They cut huge slabs of granite and marble for large scale projects. So, I had never considered that the remnants could also be used. I snatched up the first package of marble beads that I saw, in homage to his hometown.

I love the jades. They are not only the moss green that I remember from pendants in Chinese import stores, but “peridot jade,” “olive jade,” and “golden jade” are how my invoice describes them.

My current favorite love is chrysoprase, which I can spell but not pronounce. While I rarely wear green in the winter, the hues remind me of the green of gardening, which I’m missing in Wisconsin’s blustery winter wonderland, with record- setting December snowfalls.

So, I boldly and unambiguously proclaim that my favorite beads are the semi- precious stones.Until…I pick up the Miyuki 6s that I have in 6 tones and shades of turquoise, the pinks, and the greens.

Until…I run my fingers through a pile of faceted rondelles. I would play all day in the dishes of beads at the bead stores, or in my own “bead store.”

Until…I admire the swirls and striations on hand made lampwork. Such artistry and skill, something I have not yet tried.

And then, I admit that I am fickle. My favorite is whatever I’m holding in my hands at the moment, whatever I’m gazing at and appreciating right then. So, I do play favorites. But each bead gets a turn and will be admired and awed over, until…

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